Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's funny how that works.

It really is. You know, the last thing I posted was about the Carmen SanDiego fanfiction... And now there's TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS and it's still going. They are all short, and you can find them all on my Deviantart page HERE. http://pentharis.deviantart.com/ On an unrelated note, I've gotten quite interested in the works of Oscar Wilde. His death day is on the thirtieth, so please wear a carnation, if you've any interest in the man's work. If not, shame on you. I've found Wilde to be a fascinating and inspiring figure. His quotes are quick-witted and were 'till the end, and even in his eventual bankruptcy, imprisonment, alcoholism (or at least, heavier drinking of Absinthe), etcetera in a time that hated his lifestyle, he still found love and wit in himself. If you have read some of his work, or know some of his history, then please read De Profundis, his 92 page letter to Lord Alfred Douglas that he sent from prison. It is what I would call a beautiful, sad romance novel, with the benefit of being completely true. It won't take long to read, but please read it. And once you have, please look at this. http://pentharis.deviantart.com/#/d4fdo23 I was quite proud of that drawing. In reading De Profundis, this image lodged itself in my head and would not come unstuck until I drew it well enough. The quotes on the floor are actually small bits and pieces from the book, but they come nowhere near doing it justice. I think it is worth the time and energy spent. It was certainly a beautiful piece. At least, I thought so. Thought I would share on my favourite classical writer. I would suggest reading De Profundis only after reading Wilde's cheerier works, such as "The Importance of Being Earnest". De Profundis is very sad, it will be difficult to see him in other lights after you've read it, I suspect. Tis a short post, but a very necessary one, I think.