Monday, April 4, 2011

DarkSteam's Interview with CheeSie of Neopets

I was taking a few classes in my local college to broaden my horizons of the twenty-first century, and lo and behold what I found: A friend of mine happened to have been on Neopets (a site I learned about previously, and admittedly dabbled in for a short time). In fact, my friend claimed they had -hacked- neopets. Being a blogger, I felt I simply -had- to learn a little bit about the hacking, and tell the world (in not-so-replicable ways). Without further ado: My interview with CheeSie!

DarkSteam: So, You're CheeSie, the Neopian hacker. Would you Tell us who CheeSie is, what CheeSie did, and why CheeSie is famous?
CheeSie is the famous hacker who punched hole through the Neopets Server using an SQL injection. CheeSie is famous for orchestrating the first huge account purge and proving to The Neopets Team
that Neopets is, indeed, vulnerable.

DarkSteam: Why did you hack Neopets? How did you do it? (explained in a totally not-replicable way that we totally can't be held responsible for *cough cough* but detailed enough for us to mock at Neopets' misfortune).

CheeSie: CheeSie hacked Neopets because they were tired of The Neopets Team saying that the site was hack-proof. They (TNT) also showed favoritism to the older accounts like Munsterpoo and Kiwiberri. CheeSie used an SQL injection which is a code injection technique used to exploit a security vulnerability in the database layer of an application. In Neopets, this gave CheeSie access to passwords, generators (applications the make neopoints, items and pets), and other various wingdings on the site.

DarkSteam: Why the name CheeSie? Anything special about the CheeSie account(s)?

CheeSie: Just because, and no.

DarkSteam: Any reason you hacked the accounts you did? Did you do anything special?

CheeSie: CheeSie purged a lot of accounts. Haha. Munsterpoo and Kiwiberri were targeted to to the obvious monopoly they held over the site and the AC (Avatar Chat) on the site. When their items were stolen, they were replaced. When other accounts were scammed, TNT didn't replace the items. No, nothing special.

DarkSteam: Is there any truth to the rumors that you sold accounts, stole the neopoints from off the site, anything like that?

CheeSie: Absolutely. You'd be surprised at the offers CheeSie received on Munsterpoo's account. As high as $500. Steal Neopoints? Nah. Mainly sold them to others on the site, which is technically not stealing. More of a Robin Hood, yeah?

DarkSteam: Anything you want to say to the curious readers about yourself? (Things like "CheeSie's secret identity", whether or not you're telling the truth won't be edited. Because I'm fun like that.)

CheeSie: Ha. No. I'm sticking with my alias and people can continue to believe I have several identities, even if you know my real one.

DarkSteam: What do you think of Neopets now/then/ Before that? Any regrets? Things you're glad you did (Either as CheeSie or otherwise.)?

CheeSie: Now, Neopets is a shit-hole, to be frank. Viacom is exploiting the hell out of that site. Then, there was a huge scare. No one trusted anyone, because people knew CheeSie was lurking the site. Before, Neopets was amazing. Free, no updates. Just great. Don't regret a thing. Might even do another purge.

DarkSteam: Anything you'd like to add? Fun facts, mocking laughter, answers to questions you wish I'd asked, things you did you just want to brag about?

CheeSie: TNT tried to cover up the hack by saying Munsterpoo was "frozen for protection". Right, TNT Well played.

DarkSteam: How famous/notorious did you get on Neopets? Tell us all about the fun things that Neopets did to hush up the whole event.

CheeSie: People still mention CheeSie on the boards. Especially older Neopians. Kiwiberri tends to avoid those subjects. (; See above for the last question you asked.

DarkSteam: Your "secret identity" will be kept as such, of course. Do you Maybe have a link to the "CheeSie" facebook page?

CheeSie: No idea what happened to my page. Haven't been on in ages. xD

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A profuse apology

Some of you may be wondering what has happened to One Cleric Short.
Believe me, we are too. Our "party leader" up and abandoned us, it seems. A pity, but we're attempting to sort things out. Rest assured, -this- blog will stay -firmly- in place, and while I cannot recover all of the posts from -that- blog, this blog will still be tended to.

I might actually be able to upgrade this blog over time, possibly incorporating old friends from One Cleric Short. It's best if we don't bring up that other blog in the future (lest we open old wounds for some party members)but other than that I will probably post more often, and devote my time more here. Sorry for the inconvenience, all! I hope we haven't terribly upset you!