Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First post of the blog

Ah a first post of a first (actually used) blog! (Also started a twitter, in case you're interested). Inspired by The Spoony Experiment ( http://spoonyexperiment.com ), Zero Punctuation ( http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation?page=1 ), and many others. I've finally set things up so I can spill my needless ramblings and ceaseless sarcasm without dumping it all on friends, family, and friends of family.

Let's start with the title of the blog: Why did I pick "DarkSteam's Cogs of the Earth" as a title?

Well, DarkSteam is a nickname I picked up from a young friend of mine from the teen's section of the library (Ok, I know I'm a little old to be hanging out with the anime kids when I really don't like anime, but I have a lot of spare time on my hands, and they're so fun to talk to sometimes!). He told me that because of my unique style of dress (What, doesn't everyone wear goggles on their hats? If I didn't, the brim would ride on my nose! It's justified!) I should have a superhero nickname. I love superheros, both imaginary and real (go Google Phoenix Jones!) so I thought that was pretty neat. My friend came up with "DarkSteam" and it's grown on me ever since.

Why "cogs of the earth"? Well, it was originally going to be "world fixers", but I'm not a charity organization, so I didn't want to sound like one. I love Steampunk (if you haven't guessed yet, in which case I suggest getting your eyes examined), so I thought I'd bring that out. Cogs of the Earth implies it's the function of how the world works. Superheros like to fix the world and all its ills, right? Well, may as well start in writing. I want to "fix" the world. In that McGivered, 'I have some duct tape and string' method, since it's really just opinions.

I want to tell people my opinions, maybe get some support, and just make people smile and laugh like any other internet fame-gatherer. I probably won't get far, but it's worth the effort to try, right?

What will I post about?

Steampunk, The few movies I have seen, things in media I'd like to see change, bad writing, silly ideas, good ideas with bad execution, the good things about movies/comics/music that I'd like to see continue, and simple how-to advice, articles, fun-facts, or research I find in my never-ending quest to steampunk the world.

Let's get started and hope I get somewhere in this crazy internet sea of viewers! (Wish me luck, everybody!)

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