Friday, May 6, 2011

An Apologetic Character Sheet

So it's been a long, LONG time. Time to get back to blogging, as an apology for how long I've been away!

For those of you wondering, I've been distracted by Portal 2. Not the game (which I still haven't played, as I don't have $50 worth of dosh kicking around to pay for it, since I just bought a SWEET new Laptop from Alienware). What I've -really- been distracted by is the Twitter Roleplay. It's plenty of fun to play through (I seem to have adopted @FatTurret, and she is dating @Spaaaaccee_core, among other complete madness that is way too much fun) and has made me realize that nobody knows what this time-traveler looks like, or really anything else about me! So here's a character sheet!



Alias: DarkSteam
Actual name: Johnathan. (You don't need to know my last name.)
Years aged: 32
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black
Hair length: short
Gender: Male
Current Occupation: Time traveler
Past occupation: Literary critic by day, Victorian Vigilante by night

* Black trenchcoat
* Pocketwatch with 5-foot chain
* Haslett's Lung Protector
* Goggles
* Cabby Hat
* Black boots
* Black pants
* button-up black shirt
* Black gloves


* Knows how to use pocketwatch as Garotte wire
* Good with the English Language
* Can pick up modern-day technology easily enough
* Blisteringly astounding luck
* Small amount of Parkour knowledge
* Knows what the little plastic things on the ends of shoelaces are called


* Robots
* Things with AI
* People who understand technology and coding
* People who write well
* People who can take criticism
* Artists
* Steampunk/Steampunks
* Techno music
* Coffee
* Innumerable modern fandoms
* Sherlock holmes
* Mocking fanfiction and bad literature


* Bad literature
* Idiots and unnecessarily mean people
* Bad writers
* Not being able to understand modern terms
* Not knowing how to work the time machine
* Not knowing how to -fix- the time machine
* Explaining what an icosahedron is for the seventh time (It's a D20, alright?!)
* Anime that doesn't make sense
* When people use apostrophes in names
* People who don't know how to use apostrophes
* Realizing he's listed way too much stuff and has gone on for far too long.

Favorite food: Whatever Erik is making for dinner. It looks good.

Favorite person: Erik. He knows more about the time machine than I do, and I built the thing!

Where am I currently: the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Present day.
Where am I from: London, England. Victorian Era.

How did I get the Time-machine:
'Made it. But it was mostly sheer luck, I have no idea how I accomplished it. It's made of brass plates, gears, wires, mysterious colored/glowing liquids, springs, glue, a gum-like substance, and possibly something radioactive. Among other bits and pieces. There are no windows, there is no way to control where or when it lands. I need to fix that.

Biological relatives: presumably none living.

Favorite colors: Brass, absinthe green, Matrix green.
Favorite era (that isn't Victorian or Modern) :
...uh... I liked the 1920's to 1940's I guess... That's an odd question.

Who is Erik: This is answered in my "idiot's guide to time-travel" post. In short, he's my best friend and the person who taught me all about the modern world, and everything I missed between the victorian era and now!

Ask me questions to add in via the comments section!

(Note: The writer for this blog is actually female, but blogs in character as DarkSteam, who is male. Just so we're clear.)


  1. (King Toko hurr) Interesting something-or-other you have going on here <3

  2. Why thank ye. ;D I try. Glad to know you're reading~!

    Hey look, I finally got around to posting a reply to your comment. :P