Sunday, July 29, 2012

Three poems for you all, and an explanation.

I've been away from my blog for far too long, and now fully intend to stay rooted on it. I also intend to make some other changes (for example, upping the font size and clarity). I'd like to eventually make money on my blog to save up for a big trip to London I have planned for the winter! I'll be going through my school. So keep an eye out for big changes, and please tell your friends to visit my blog! Thankye all for your continued following during my absence.

Leaving 7/29/12

Whiten teeth and cut my hair
Because I'm going over there
buy warm clothes in midst of heat
Learning how to travel neat.

Change my name, a new passport
Learn the game and Rugby's sport.
Just for fun, a new accent
Get ready to be feeling spent.

Learn the slang and history,
I'm on a self-improvement spree!
New make-up and brand-new clothes
But there's a problem here, oh noes!

I've changed so much from here to there
I'm not like myself much anywhere.
To make a good impression soon,
Sadly now it's not a boon.

Save my money, pennies pinched
Saving for it inch-by-inch
I cannot buy those books I want,
For one grand educational jaunt.

Magpie Murders 7/29/12

One for murder
Two for theft
Three for widows quite bereft

Four for poison
Five for knives
Six for someone's missing wives

Seven for luck
Eight for planned
Nine for tears that must be dammed

Ten for Hemlock,
twenty for Dwale
Thirty for bodies grown cold and pale

Forty for Vengeance,
Fifty for cash
Sixty for showmanship, bold and brash.

Seventy for ritual,
eighty an accident
Ninety for a murder not fully meant

A hundred for coincidence,
a thousand for planned,
Ten thousand, and the whole case goes unmanned.

Heraldry for Geeks 7/29/12

First you pick a shield:
Hero of the time,
of the people,
of the war.

Then you pick a colour:
Blue: Truth,
Green: Honesty
Red: Valour.

Then you pick your helm:
or hero's mask

Then what is your motto?
I'm afraid I have to ask.

Supporters left and right will guard your heraldry, as such:
or horse?
Yes, I would have thought as much.

But what goes on your shield I ask?
Well that one's up to you:
Writing tools
or gadgets,
time or pets
In red or black or blue.

A mantle top and bottom,
in the colours you have shown
You may have noticed now, but your mantle's overblown.

And lo we are not finished, for I suggest:
Want it to look its best?
you pick a crest!

And after that is all performed,
You need mantles top and bottom adorned.

So now you have a perfect crest?
it represents you? Well take a test!
Wait a year, untill things may change.
Go back, and make the crest again.

(Written out of frustration at the fact that there are few intellectually-based heraldic shields out there that I could find, and fewer qualities for those who wish to make a heraldic shield that are called intellectual qualities. Most are based entirely in battle, which isn't very useful in this day and age. I have no idea why some of the lines highlight, though. Afraid I can't fix that.)

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