Thursday, February 24, 2011

For the school-goers freaking out...

An actual speech I gave to a friend via messenger to help her get through some tough times at school:

"First step: Deep breath.
Are you breathing?
Second, don't type while I'm trying to help you. Keep breathing.
Organize your projects into what is most necessary, stop worrying about your family's having fun. Your pain is temporary but WILL PAY OFF.
So, organize. And keep breathing while I keep helping.
Next step, think about how bad your situation is, but don't panic. Never panic. Whatever is coming up first is your biggest priority.
If you have two things on the same date, focus on THOSE things. Split up your time, then split up what you need to do into lists. Everything. No matter how small. Then, as you do those things, cross them off one by one. Yes, there's a time crunch, that gives you more cause for focus.

Still helping. Keep breathing.


Organize the other projects into lists, too. Yes, there's a lot. yes it will seem overbearing, and yes, you may have to turn something in a bit late if you have to.

Keep. Breathing.

It's not so bad as you think, no matter what people tell you. It's like when someone runs to class when they have plenty of time and everyone on the way says "Run faster!" Just to get on their nerves. Don't quit school.

Quitting school is a sign of weakness, and moreover: not necessary. Don't get something? Ask someone. Anyone. Find someone to explain it to you. Classmates, teachers, people who work with teachers, read the book, whatever. There are explanations and there are ways to understand, otherwise they wouldn't teach it in school.

And lastly, probably the most importantly: Stop worrying about your writing. You will write for fun again, you just have to be patient. There may be a lot of patience needed, but as soon as summer is in or you get a nice long break you'll have time to write. You'll be fine. Writing is not essential to life, and though it is fun, you will have time for it later. For now, focus on studying.

Make that list, start working, keep breathing, get off the computer, and work on it in a -QUIET- room.

Don't listen to music.
DON'T listen to music. Don't say "it helps me focus" because it doesn't. It triggers the speech center of your brain and you focus on that instead. Acceptable alternatives are classic, techno, or foreign music you don't understand.

Keep breathing.
Now you may type."

I hope it helps her, and maybe it will help someone else out there, too. If not, it was sure fun to type.

Don't panic, and carry a towel!
Keep breathing!

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