Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, what kind of post-apocalypse are we thinking of here when we say "zombie invasion"?
Almost every time I hear it I think of a desert, despite probably having never seen one up close. Not one with sand and cacti anyways. I think most think of dust storms and abandoned cars, with rotting iron everywhere. What -exactly- are we expecting to happen?

If it's a zombie invasion, I'd presume things would look relatively the same, only a bit more broken and blood-spattered.It's just how the zombies roll. All they want is brains, right? Well then all that would come of things is blood, right?

Well, what about an asteroid? Presuming it doesn't completely destroy earth, it'd just leave a big dent, throw up a LOT of dust, presumably the dent would fill with water if it's not filled with asteroid. It might cause those dust storms previously mentioned, but what exactly will that do? Block out the sun for a bit, I guess, but if you just stockpile food and find some live plants somewhere the world can re-grow, provided nobody takes advantage of whatever sorry place gets invaded.

Ooh, but what if the asteroid hits water? Well, presuming it doesn't just turn into mist, the massive splash would likely drown parts of continents if big enough (if I have an Australian readers, sorry mates, you're a bit apocalyptic right now. but if it's all cool with you, I'd rather party with you guys during an apocalypse than any other country. Just sayin'. )and if not, it'l be one hell of a tsunami, but that's about it. We see those all the time, it's not exactly post-apocalyptic.

If the sun goes out, yeah, we're screwed, but there won't be a whole lot of opportunity to come back after the apocalypse unless you're talking about the poor abandoned robots.

Don't even suggest a vampire apocalypse.

Robot uprising: To quote Ken Jennings, "I for one welcome our new computer overlords." So... Not too worried, so long as I'm not being killed. If computers go and try to kill us all, sure they might be able to win... if not for the fact that we made them. Mind you, it's still very possible that they would win, but in the same sense that much of the time any war that lasts any length of time has a fairly decent chance of going either way. Otherwise it wouldn't be a war, or at least it'd be a lot quicker. To be honest, I'd probably be a robot sympathizer. Sorry mates, I like synth voices and explaining complex ideas like love into simplest computable terms. It's kind of a pastime.

Aliens: I don't think we're interesting enough or obvious enough to attract aliens, but if they do come looking for us, I think they're more likely to quest for information (or die on contact with us) than to come to any real harm for us.

So how would we fare in an apocalypse? It depends on the kind. My personal favorite option for a -zombie- apocalypse, at least, is to seal up either a Walmart of a mall. Just as a thought. Give me feedback!

Tell me: How would YOU survive an apocalypse (of your choice)?

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