Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sub-culture madness!

So with all this talk of Steampunk and other subcultures I do, how is one to choose which Subculture is right for them? There are so many!

...What, don't you know much about any subcultures? Just getting into Steampunk? Not sure if you want to expand to new subcultures? Experienced in a subculture, but looking to expand? Well here's the post for you! Subculture 101!

1. Steampunk

Steampunk is a culture of the handmade. Things that are handmade with a Victorian-era style, while not necessarily vintage. It's old look with new gadgetry. There's clocks, there's airships, goggles, Aether, difference engines, all that cool stuff! I post on it fairly regularly, so I'll keep this information short and let you read on about it yourself.

2. Clockpunk

Wait, not sure how this is different from Steampunk? Well, it's like Steampunk, but with more clocks instead of Steam. Clockpunk tends to be an earlier era to Steampunk, and can work through either said clockwork, or occasionally magic.

3. Dieselpunk
Set in the time of diesel trains and engines, it seems to be more often set in the wild west rather than London, though isn't exclusive. Clockpunk, Dieselpunk, and Steampunk are all easily confused and not necessarily exclusive.

4. Cyberpunk

While not exclusively so, Cyberpunk tends to be either post-apocalyptic or dystopian. It involves futuristic fashions that tend to involve gothicic or lolita-stylized basic outfits with neon and studs on top, dreadfalls, or other such things. Alternatively, it can be normal clothing with electronics or electronic parts/looks to them. (Example: A normal teenager wearing a gas mask and night-vision goggles with gloves that have wires on them.)A good deal of science-fiction could be classified as Cyberpunk if people paid it any mind. Blade Runner, Ghost in the shell, and the Matrix are good examples, just to mention a few.

5. Gothic-lolita/lolita

Don't get Gothic Lolita and Lolita confused. actually, there are quite a few kinds of Lolita. They emphasize the innocence and childlike wonder in a person. Unfortunately it is also easily fetishized (but I will NOT go into that). The common points of Gothic-lolita and lolita are that they all tend to start with lacy dresses (for the girls) or Victorian suits (for the gents). Depending on what kind of lolita they are, they will pick different styles and accessories. Sweet lolita tends toward white and pastel colors with candy or sweet-related acessories. Gothic lolita prefers black and metal studs, sometimes with a teddybear that has a button eye missing or some such.

6. Atomicpunk (not the Van Halen song.)

Atomic punk is in a very different time from its cousins, Atomicpunk is set around the 1940's, back when they thought hiding under your desk would protect you from a nuclear attack.
I heard this term at Steamcon II and a google image search doesn't tell me much about it, so I'll have to tell you how I perceive it. It's kind of like what the Jetsons was like, back when we had that sort of style on everything, we thought aliens and nuclear wars were our biggest problems, and people still used the term "keen" unironically. It's not exactly a common genre, but it's one that Dr. Steel fits into quite well, and that's enough to make me happy. (Check out Dr. Steel's music on Youtube. You'll like what you hear, I think.)

So that's some short input on Subcultures. If you want to hear more about any one of them, leave a comment in the comments section. I don't bite! (unless you deserve it, anyways.)

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