Thursday, March 17, 2011

A tribute to Alfred

The Batman's Batman; A best friend, father figure, and even mentor; A valued caretaker, worker, and an impromptu medic. These are just a few of many roles Alfred Pennyworth has played over the years he's worked with the Wayne Family.

Unfortunately, it appears that actor Michael Gough has passed away. Along with playing many other roles, he was quite famous for his many times playing the role of Alfred Pennyworth. In his honor, I will do a post -not on the man himself- but on his character, Alfred. For what does an actor want more than to make the world believe he or she -is- the very role they play?

Alfred's wiki page is fascinating in itself for all the traits he's had. Espionage in WWII as an Intelligence agent, skilled in Botany, able to handle himself with a shotgun (and, in fact, is the only member of the bat-family allowed to do so), skilled in CQC, medical skills, knowledge in computer programming,computer engineering, electrical engineering, chemical and mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, and biotechnology.

Never at a loss for the perfect piece of advice or the short -yet respectful- piece of sarcasm to lighten the Bat's spirits, Alfred has always been the first person the Bat goes to for advice or guidance.

Long live Alfred, in our favorite comics; and Long live Michael Gough in all of our memories.

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