Friday, March 25, 2011


alright, it's been way too damn long with way too few excuses, so it's time to post. Because I am a lazy lazy person, how about we have some questions? My questions to you, that is.

1. Why can nobody write for Wonder Woman?

Ok, this is a little loaded, and there -are- some people who write beautifully for her (You know, those animated series' I never shut up about), but so many write her as inept (can't pump gas) or self-centered (thinks humans are inferior) when she really REALLY isn't. This is Wonder Woman! Spirit of truth! She's a princess with natural beauty and an interest in NOT just superman, but the male cast of her series. Which leads me to my next question.

2. Why is Wondy paired with Superman?

Is it the red-white-and-blue outfits? (and to be fair, both outfits have gold more than white). Is it because they're both physical equals? That's a horrible idea. I always liked the Batman/Wonderwoman romance from the animated series I refuse to shut up about, or -HERE'S A THOUGHT- how about the male cast members from Wondy's OWN series? YOu know, THE PEOPLE SHE'S BONDED WITH OVER TIME. Why do we never see these characters? And more importantly

3. Why did Wondy never get a Timmverse animated series, but Batman had its series, a reboot, a spot on the Justice League, Batman Beyond, and guest appearances EVERYWHERE?!

Don't get me wrong, I love Batman and the entire Bat-family more than one might believe, but I watched the Superman animated series, too. I watched Static shock, too. I watched the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited to pieces, WHERE'S WONDY'S SHOW? I didn't mean for all of these questions to be about Wonder Woman, but seriously now!

4. Why is Batman: Brave and the Bold (the cartoon series)still on the air?

Again, I love Batman, but this show is campy! I can't stand campy! I love how it shows off minor characters of the DC universe, but Justice League unlimited did that while taking kids seriously and being entertaining for all ages! It just fries me that the good cartoons of my youth have been replaced with shows I wouldn't let my housepets watch. It's such a shame when I see brilliant people working on these shows. I know they can do so much better than that.

5. Why did I have to wait until Batman the Brave and the Bold to learn about the Blue Beetle?

I haven't heard much at all about him but I read one comic and it looked good. How did I not see that in JLU? And why hasn't the Spirit gotten a show? (Actually, I'll answer that: It's because people watched that stupid movie Frank Miller wrote that I ranted about at One Cleric Short.)

6. Why did I see Supergirl pajamas at the store, but not Batgirl pajamas?

Erhm... Disregard that question. Forget I ever asked.

6. Why has it been taking so damn long to get my comicbook done?

...Did I forget to mention I'm making a comicbook? It's about a superhero called-... Well, I'll let you see it when I finish it. How's that? Anyways, I'll answer this one anyways. My comicbook is taking so long because it's really just -me- working on it. I haven't even finished the pencils and this thing has been years in the making (due to other things I had going, namely school, I haven't been able to get work done on it for much of that time, not to mention one or two complete re-writes). I'm not sure if this comic will get anywhere, but it might get me into the industry, and that's all I can ask.

I know I had some other questions, but I think this will suffice for now. Let's hope I can get my arse in gear and work on some real posts soon enough. For the moment, everyone remember to equip your utility belts.

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