Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh bloody hell, that time again?

So, I did go to the Steampunk Soirree; and as much as I would love to tell you that my hiatus was caused by some ruffians who invaded the concert and took captives, and that I am back only by the grace of god and the aid of a lockpick I keep tucked in my goggles at all times, I would be lying. The truth is I simply forgot about updating. Which is perfectly reasonable, as I am a time-traveler, and am quite unused to using a computer. (Note: this is also a lie, and my typing speed is insanely fast for most I shall have you know.)

So some news: We have cut cable and home phone lines here. We use cell phones in this day and age (yes, this Victorian vigilante is equipped with a smartphone, as I have always loved modern technology. I try to stay ahead of the curve) and the cable was nigh on useless for anything but the news, which was far too depressing anyway. Turns out, we don't particularly miss either commodity.

I am working with Kylee Lane of, and will be doing one of their Artist Series soap sets. The blog will (hopefully) be alerted as soon as the soap sets are up. I will be drawing some very familiar superheroes for the set. I gain no profit from the soaps (and for this set, neither does Kylee) and the money made will be put toward a charity. Personally, I might buy a few just for the sake of having something I drew on a bar of soap. It'd be neat!

Back to news of Abney Park, the Steampunk Soiree was amazing! I drew some cards with each of the band members on them and had them sign copies of the cards. They got to keep the originals, while I have autographed copies of the drawings. The band members seemed to love them, as well. We had the Brass Section and an extra guitarist this time, and the song "Airship Pirate" has never been so awesome (up until something else started playing mid-song and the crowd was baffled, if highly amused). I also brought along a dear friend of mine, who had never been to a concert before. (I didn't want to go alone, and she needed to see the crew play live). She wondered why it took me so long to bring her with, afterwards. Which just goes to show that everybody truly needs to see Abney Park. Really. It's amazing. One of the members of the Brass Section is making his own CD soon, which I would love to hear more about, but my memory of that evening is a little foggy after the fact that it was awesome and people loved my drawings. All in all it was amazing.

Soon I will be going into the dark and scary world of education once more, using the Internet as my only shield against its trying ways and attempts to distort sanity. Not to say it is all bad, mind. I love education and learning. I merely hate the efforts and lengths I am often pressed to. I still believe I may succeed (despite having two classes on opposite sides of the campus within ten minutes of each-other) and will attempt to keep the world posted.

I will make an effort to post here more often. But I do wonder how -during my absence from the blog- I managed to get so many extra readers. I shant question it, however, and only welcome you all. And I promise, it won't always be this bloody boring.

Unrelated, I hear that Doctor Steel is no longer in

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