Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ever notice...

Just a couple of odd observations and attempted explanations.

Did you ever notice how few ethnic superheros there are? What this says to me is that only white people lack the common sense to avoid signing up for drug trials that aren't tested and might be that magical kind of radioactive that gives superpowers, they're the only scientists that royally screw up the magically radioactive experiments, or the only ones who think "My life sucks, maybe I'll make it better with EXPERIMENTAL TECHNOLOGY!" (or in the case of the powerpuff girls, chemical X.) Granted there are a few superheros who aren't white (often the especially cool ones like Cyborg or Bumblebee)but then I wonder how many hispanic superheros there are. I'm trying to make a list and I seriously can't think of any that don't include Zorro. (technically not a superhero, but I'm counting him because he's AWESOME.)Technically I guess you could count the badguy from Freakazoid, but I really think that just hurts the cause. Would someone PLEASE find me a few hispanic superheros? I'm seriously at a loss.

On another note, Two-face's tie is a clip on.
Think otherwise?
The top-knot of the tie has a vertical split. Good luck tying that properly without it being a clip-on! (coincidentally, if you have pictures that prove me otherwise, post! I'd love to know.)

Batman and Lois Lane dated.
Let that sink in for a moment.
In Batman the Animated Series there was a scene (unless I hallucinated the whole thing) that implies Batman and Lois had dated (directly after she gets kidnapped and rescued, then calmly remarks that her kidnappers got oil stains on her carpet)where the Bat apologizes for an old relationship. Thanks to that, I now can't take the "superman has a child" plot from Superman Returns (Which, for the record, was the most obvious plot twist since "Clark Kent is actually superman") seriously.

Just a couple of observations. Let me know if you have any other neat observations or suggestions for things to talk about.

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