Saturday, January 22, 2011

Steampunk Portal Gun.

So after reading a few comments from @Wheatley_Core I got to thinking: What if there was a Steampunk portal?


Think about this one, then:

There she was, running down the streets of London. Tap-tap-tap went high-heeled shoes on pavement. 'For science' they said. 'Cake' they said. To hell with the cake, and to hell with the Ripper who made it.

Blue portal through an open window, orange portal to the wall. Just hope nobody's in the house!

Lights off, and an orange portal projected into the kitchen. Looking in that direction, there was a little red glow...

"The/the/THERE you are." something ticked loudly as little magnetic spheres jolted through the air at the test subject in heels. A turret had been hiding to Chell's left. Made from clockwork, magnets, and some bizarre amalgamation of science that allowed them to speak, they fired without care at Chell, who dived behind a loveseat. Chell fired a portal outside, and one under the turret as one of the metal spheres left a welt in her shoulder.

"Owowowowowww!" The Turret whined as several windows broke outside. Chell put both portals outside until after the firing stopped, and walked through what she thought was a home, trying to get out.

It turned out she had only gone further into the scientific trap. All this time she thought she had escaped, but here it was. GlaDos. Ticking with clockwork and with chemicals flowing through veins of copper tubes. Her eyes swiveled to meet Chell's.

"Hello. We meet again. This is the last time. I bet you don't even remember the first because I killed you. Even after you killed me. We both got better, don't you know? I created this place to keep you occupied. I created the Ripper to bring you some excitement. I even. created. cake. The companion Cube misses you in the incinerator. Yes, even after all this time, the Cube still loves you. I don't know why, you're just a murderer. Heartless. So, come to kill me again? You monster. Fine. Go ahead. Don't expect me to fight back."

A door slid open and the Ripper was there. A beast of buzz-saws jutting out of its back and chest which could roll in any direction or walk to get anywhere it needed to go. It could even master portals.

"Just kidding. Hah. you should have seen your face when you thought I wasn't going to fight. Haha. Next time I won't let you come back. Goodbye, test subject. Forever."

The portal gun was retired the next day, split in half with bloodspatters on it.
The remnants were never found, but all that remains of the London Aperture Science Facility is a non-functioning turret. It was remodeled to dispense gumballs.

I hope that makes up for my lack of posts as of late!

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