Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good gads, steampunk fads!

It is officially a late post (despite me having no official release date for posts aside from 'whenever I can set aside my other stuff and type') so I thought I would get back to the original point of the blog. (Ok, the original point is Steampunk /and/ superheros, but that's besides the point). Let's talk about Steampunk Fads!


Less a fad than a staple of the genre, Goggles are very important to aviators, engineers, and anyone else who can be trusted to move very fast or be in something that could obscure vision/hurt eyes. (The viewers of Jersey Shore are included in that section). Some choose to wear them regardless of what job they supposedly carry. I know I do! (I wear goggles to school each day. I'll probably stop next year, unfortunately.)

Phaser (Or however you spell it):

A lot of people love to mod Nerf Mavericks by painting them, or buying and painting dollar store guns. This may very well be the only society that supports cleverly painting a Nerf gun, considering how people have spazzed about them. And unlike those Anime conventions, I have yet to see peacebonding need to be enacted at Steamcon Seattle. (Then again, I don't carry phasers.)


I'll never understand this one. Old-timey victorian moustaches drawn on fingers or as necklaces. Some how said it's a hipster thing, but I've seen it happen at Steamcon too, so if someone would kindly inform me WTF all of that is about, that'd be great.

Mechanical arms/legs:

One of my favorite fads, the making of mechanical arms for the sheer sake of badassery will always be appreciated. Some look like Hellboy, some look like Nathan Fillion's arm from that one episode of Castle (If you can stop staring at his awesomeness for two seconds, difficult I know) all of them look pretty fricking awesome. I have also seen mechanical legs, and though they are less popular they are just as awesome.


I made a dragon backpack once (I have been asked numerous times what it is, it's just a really /really/ derpy looking dragon. I had scraps, so sue me.) and people seem to love it. I have seen awesome shoulder-perching dragons ranging from Beanie-Babies to slender badass dragons with LEDs inside to light it up. (I wish I had pictures of that one from Steamcon 2, it was awesome). There are some pretty sweet ones out there if you can find them.

Engineering masterpieces:

I saw a woman with a mechanical bird in a cage on her hat that moved and chirped. Need I saw more? Anyone who can make awesome mechanical stuff of that caliber is in this category. And I salute thee.

So there are just a few awesome fashion trends to mention. Maybe in the future I'll add pictures to show what I mean. For now, just think on the idea, and maybe google a few of the things mentioned. The Steampunk world is pretty frickin' awesome. :3

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