Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Cleric Short

For all two of my regular readers (and bless you for reading, too!) I've started co-writing on another blog!


One Cleric Short is somewhat of a twitter-brainchild of Thedrinkinggeek, SmallShopBlogR, and myself. We are perpetually one cleric short (and apparently not looking for replacements) and a bit of a motley crue of (if I have my details right): One time-traveling Victorian, one drunken Bard, and one Paladin. Do we have a chance?

Doubt it. But we're sure as hell gonna try, anyways! Join us in ridiculing games and movies, praising valiant attempts at Larping, and generally being geeks who are one cleric short of a full party and loving it.

(And yes. I will still post here fairly regularly. ;3 )

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